Nutritional and Bioresonance Medicine

Julio da Costa D.N.Med, D.Th.D, BioresLic.
Nutritional Medicine A treatment that incorporates Naturopathic healing principles with modern Biochemistry and Bioenergetic medicine.
An understanding that recognises today's overwhelming toxicity.
A situation where an intake of processed nutrient deficient foods, exposure to environmental pollution and accumulated emotional stress effectively create toxins in the body. Healthy functioning of the body’s immune system requires an adequate intake of nutrients. These levels can be compromised by negative toxic factors, which then affect the quality of biochemical processes and cellular energy. Consequently allergies, addictions, digestive disorders, fatigue, low blood sugar, weight problems, yeast infections and other chronic disease symptoms may develop, indicating a weakened constitution relating to the body.
This is determined by a detailed case history, which assesses your medical and dietary background, in order to establish your nutritional deficiencies and imbalances, organ weaknesses and health requirements. Bioresonance therapy is also used as a non-invasive test for allergies, food intolerance, environmental stress, organ weaknesses and adverse bacterial, viral and yeast/fungal infection and other conditions.

Description of therapy:
Nutritional Medicine aims to restore vitality by creating an appropriate environment for the body to eliminate toxicity. A process where existing or emerging symptoms are addressed and treated. A therapeutic programme is based upon the avoidance of suspect foods, the implementation of a natural wholefood cleansing diet or detoxification programme, and the prescribed use of nutrient and complex homoeopathic remedies to correct chronic deficiencies and imbalances.
Nutritional Medicine Health and well-being corresponds to both strength and quality of vitality of the organism. Disease symptoms at a basic level will correspond to any impediment of the flow of vitality in the organism. Toxicity whether generated within the organism, or absorbed from the environment, will gradually undermine this vitality. This toxic accumulation will correspond also to a weakening of biochemical processes, whether at cellular or tissue levels.

Why detoxify? Toxins can accumulate in many ways in the organism. They can be inhaled as particulates from air/road traffic exhaust, ingested from food as pesticides and herbicides, or generated within the colon or body tissues. Detoxification transforms these toxic substances into a less toxic form which then can be eliminated from the organism. This process is itself dependent upon the quality of vitality, and the level of micronutrients for biochemical transformations.

Avoiding suspect foods: Food sensitivities i.e. a Type-B delayed response allergy, frequently exist for many every day foods. These can include wheat, cow’s milk products, sugar, yeast, eggs or corn. The problem can be related to the intense processing of foods, and organ systems which may have been weakened by exposure to toxins. For instance most wheat consumed in the UK is refined i.e. using the endosperm or starchy component of the wheat kernel. During the milling process most of the protein, B vitamins, minerals and fibre are lost. A percentage of these may be reinstated at a later stage in processing though the effect then is artificial compared to the grain’s original wholeness. Bleaching agents are added upon completion of the refining process. These agents euphemistically known as flour improvers are used to whiten the refined flour. Bread making involves a short fermentation process which uses twice as much yeast in comparison to traditional bread making. In addition the dough is developed mechanically in minutes rather than the traditional kneading process which can take hours. Questions arise therefore as to the effect upon digestion of this mechanically prepared bread.
Nutritional Medicine
Wholefoods i.e. vegetables, pulses, whole grains, seeds, fruit etc. are generally used as a basis for a therapeutic diet. These food groups have several beneficial properties. They are able to normalise the pH of the body, reduce the metabolic burden of digestion caused by more acid forming foods e.g. excess meat, wheat and dairy, and also create a fibre residue for the elimination of the body’s waste products.

Why use nutritional supplements? The body does require an adequate amount of micro-minerals and vitamins for biochemical processes. Chronic nutrient deficiency can be related to a number of disease conditions. For instance Zinc deficiency can be indicated in psoriasis, eczema, addictions, PMS and infertility. Or Magnesium which is involved in a variety of enzyme functions, if deficient can be linked with cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue syndrome and IBS.

Nutritional Medicine Bioresonance therapy using the Mora-Therapy device which was developed by Dr. Franz Morrell in Germany in the 1970s can be given to treat the normal energy wave pattern within the body. The research of Dr. Harold Saxton-Burr has shown that ‘All living organisms possess complex electro-magnetic fields’. Also that of the biophysicist Fritz Popp; ‘All biological processes are entirely dependent upon complimentary electromagnetic effects’. Therefore health is stable when there is an unimpeded transmission of electro-magnetic information within the body. Any disturbance or blockage of the transmission of this information can be considered a pathological condition. Disease occurs when the self-healing mechanism in the organism is unable to deal with these resultant pathological wave oscillations. The aim then of therapy is to cancel out these pathological waves in order to achieve an improvement in the condition.
Mora Bioresonance therapy takes up the patient’s own electro-magnetic oscillations and returns these via inverse switching within the Mora device as therapeutic oscillations. It recognises and strengthens harmonious energy wave signals, and also treats disharmonious or disease carrying signals. There is no electricity, radiation or magnetism involved. These oscillations can be filtered relative to the health condition so that either low or high therapeutic frequencies are used in general for the treatment. Overall energy therefore is strengthened and toxic wave signals are reduced or eliminated. top