Mora Bioresonance Therapy

Therapy Applications

What Nutritional & Bioresonance therapy is best for:

My case histories have to date helped these and other conditions: 

  • • Allergies

  • • Candida Albicans

  • • Mycosis & Fungal infections

  • • Parasitic & Bacterial infection

  • • Migraine

  • • Immune System Disorders

  • • Diabetes

  • • Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  • • M.S. (early stages of)

  • • Psoriasis

  • • Eczema

  • • Mercury/ Amalgam intoxication

  • • Menstruation disorders

  • • Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue

  • • Arthritis

  • • Alcohol & Nicotine addiction

Mora Device

Mora Biresonance Therapy Applications - Addiction Therapy


Cigarettes can contain up to 4,000 chemicals including nicotine which is the substance that acts as a stimulant on the central nervous system. This gives the smoker a relaxed feeling. Research however indicates that a lowering nicotine level in the system is a stress factor. This helps to create the psychological dependency on a continuous supply of nicotine. Other chemicals involved in smoking include up to 43 which can be potentially cancer forming. These include benzene, cyanide, nitrosamines, vinyl chloride and radioactive particles.

Bioresonance therapy can be used to reduce and eliminate this nicotine toxicity. With this treatment the toxic wave information from cigarette and ash samples are inverted and sent continuously to the body thus creating a nicotine detoxification and freedom from cravings. Withdrawal symptoms for smoking can include: irritability, frustration, anger, anxiety, increased appetite, restlessness, headache, stomach cramp and nicotine craving. These are substantially reduced or eliminated with Bioresonance therapy.

Mora Device

Mora Biresonance Therapy Applications - Addiction Therapy

Alcohol addiction

There are several levels of alcohol abuse, for instance binge drinking is a symptom. Also alcohol abuse can be worse for women due to the higher concentration in the blood due to the higher body fat content. Bioresonance detoxifies the system without many of the side effects that normally accompany the giving up of alcohol. It is advised however that the level of drinking pure water is increased following a treatment to help facilitate the elimination of alcohol from the system. 

Mora Device

Mora Biresonance Therapy

Mora Bioresonance therapy is not however a quick-fix or fad therapy. It is a therapeutic process where treatment corresponds to an unburdening and strengthening of the body's immune system response. This approach for alcohol or nicotine addiction can work on the first session (see testimonials) but it is advisable that up to 3 sessions are allowed for in order to deal with what is regarded as a physical and psychological dependency.

The emotional and psychological basis for the addiction will be taken into account in the first session though for deep-rooted addictions a combined Bioresonance and Hypnotherapy session can be arranged, with the inclusion of an experienced hypnotherapist. These combined therapy sessions can also be arranged as a group therapy session of up to 4 patients.

It is also advisable that alcohol or nicotine addiction patients work with a dietary detoxification protocol as a means of cleansing and purifying the organism from the build up of related toxins. A short term cleansing programme can involve juice therapy, the avoidance of caffeine stimulants and processed refined foods, and agreed detoxification protocols. Antioxidants can also be prescribed as a means of neutralising free radical substances in the body. This dietary programme can be prescribed at the time of the therapy, or can be initiated by consultation prior to the Mora Bioresonance therapy as a means of strengthening and preparing the body for the elimination of related toxins.

Allergy Testing

Where suspected food or toxic substances are measured either in its original form or via homoeopathic electronic samples to indicate whether there is an effect on acupuncture point values. Any change in value indicates an allergen which can then be treated by determining the precise amplification required to cancel out the pathological oscillations within the body.

Geopathic stress and Electro-magnetic smog

Which can be caused by the presence of underground water sources, VDUs, mobile phone base stations and masts, Bluetooth-enabled products and other RF sources.

Dental Amalgam

Dental Amalgam can also be tested with Mora Bioresonance therapy in order to determine if vagrant electrical currents exist between dental amalgam fillings with the potential for mercury or other heavy metal toxicity. This would indicate then the need for specialist remedial dentistry. Following this Mora Bioresonance therapy would be able, by using a sample of the removed amalgam to cancel any resultant pathological oscillations within the body and detoxify the presence of heavy metal compounds.


The increased popularity of overseas travel has increased the contact frequency of parasites such as Giardia, Entamoeba Histolytica, and worms such as Ascaris lumbricoides. These do not necessarily show up in the colon but can be present in other organs within the body. Mora Bioresonance therapy is used to detect and treat these, in conjunction with herbal protocols.

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