What patients say

".... Ten weeks on, I feel much better-rejuvenated. The chocolate craving has stopped, my skin has cleared up, my eczema has gone and my hair and nails are much better...."

Mrs G.T., London in Health WHICH? Magazine

"…Just thought I would let you know that since your programme I have had no headaches, stomach pains or felt sick! How great is that!..."

Ms R.E., London

"…Thank you for your support this year-it has been life changing for me..."

Mrs L.T., Surrey

"…I’ve given up smoking after 38 years-I have no cravings at all. Thank you. My family are amazed. Thank you again…"

Mrs M.W., Essex.

"…Day 15 and still no cigarettes. Have just spent the last 40 minutes talking to a friend about the article she was reading about Bioresonance Therapy. As we were talking she smoked her way through 5 cigarettes and it didn’t bother me at all..."

Mrs C. E., West Sussex

"…I just wanted to thank you. I feel so much better, feel like a human being again. I had been drinking a half a bottle of wine a night (and when stressed a whole bottle in recent months) for 16 years and although I had been to nutritionists, healers and other counsellors had been unable to cut down to what I believed would be healthier for me. I had one treatment with Julio and am now, without any effort on my part drinking only one glass of wine some evenings…"

Ms SW, London

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